Pole Dancing Lessons

Albany Pole Dancer Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn how to perform the amazing moves you see on television and the clubs?
Maybe you just wanted to find a fun way to get in shape?
Here’s your chance to learn from a professional. We offer group classes.
For more information, contact Cait at (518) 785-7739.

Classes Sundays only.


To view our flyer in a PDF, click here.

Have Fun & Get in Shape at the Same Time!

  • Females only.
  • No body lotion please.
  • No cameras please.
  • Attire – Shorts, sports bra/tank top. You may change before/after class.
  • High heels are optional.
  • $25 per class or 6 weeks for $100
  • Drinks are available for purchase or bring your own.


Looking for a pole for your home?