Nude Dancer Schedule

Nite Moves: Albany’s Only Fully Nude Dance Club!

*Schedule can change with little notice. Please check out our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter for current Line-Up of dancers updated each shift

Exotic Dancer Schedule

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November 22nd to November 28th

Night Shift (6-2): Christy Fiona, Jasmine, Kylee, Leeza, Lexie, Nadia, Vixen

Day Shift (11:30-6:30): Kylee, Mya, Scarlet, Toni
Night Shift (6:30-2): Aaliyah, Amber, Dylan, Kairi, Leeza Nadia, Tatianna

Day Shift (11:30-6:30): Alize, Bella, Jynx, Kylee, Mya
Night Shift (6:30-2): Amber, Candice, Dylan, Jasmine, Nadia, Tatianna, Vixen, XTC

Day Shift (11:30-6:30): Dylan, Jynx, Scarlet, Toni
Night Shift (6:30-2): Bella, Christy, Kylee, Leeza, Lilly, Nadia, Sasha, Vixen

Day Shift (11:30-8:00): Closed for Thanksgiving.  Open at 8PM.
Night Shift (8:00-2): Cali, Candice, Cheri, Fiona, Kairi, Lilly, Sasha, XTC

Day Shift (11:30-6:30): Faith, Kylee, Mya, Toni
Night Shift (6:30-4): Aaliyah, Bella, Cali, Cheri, Fiona, Jasmine, Kairi, Leeza, Lilly, Sasha, Vixen

Night Shift (6-4): Cali, Candice, Cherie, Christy, Fiona, Jasmine, Kairi, Leeza, Lexie, Lilly, Sasha, Vixen, XTC